As halloween slides out for another year November trips in and we see immediately a whole new scarey situation arising for animals in the form of fireworks on bonfire night and the nights leading up to and after this occasion.

Lots of horses are nervous in various situations, and it is no exception when fireworks are showering the skies with a bright array of different coloured lights and a multitude of bangs and explosions to accompany them.

As horse owners, we either decide whether it is safer to leave our animals in or out, each owner will know their horse well enough to make that decision, or decide on their actions.

A helpful resource for some horses may be the introduction of a calmer, which although doesnt work like sedation, it may make your horse a little more relaxed so that the reaction to the noise of the bangs may be less.  There are lots of different kinds of calmers on the market today, some can be fed everyday as a supplement in your horses feed, and some are instant calmers, given a short time before the expected event.  Instants can sometimes be used in conjunction with the everyday calmer, when more of a top up is required.  (Manufacturers Instructions for application should be read before administering).

So what works best, which brand of calmer is best?

This question is one which cannot be truthfully answered as all horses are different and what might work well for one horse, may not touch another, so in this blog we will just mention a few of the calmers which are available and easy to use, but please note there are lots of different calmers now available and it would be impossible to mention them all.

Global Herbs – provide a choice of calmers , probably the most well known would be Supercalm. This comes in a powder form fed in feed everyday and says it should work within 2-3 days. This also comes in Liquid form, and Supercalm is for addressing the root of nervous and excitability issues in your horse. The Supercalm Instant is a concentrated form of Supercalm which works in 1 – 3 hours.
Other calming variations from Global Herbs are Mag Calm(Magnesium Calming,) Rig Calm(Calms Geldings and Stallions), Boxrest (A calmer with recovery nutrition), Thoroughbred Calmer (For fine boned horses),Frisky Mare (For hormonal mares), Antisuck (Used to maintain a calm and comfortable stomach for horses that like to suck air) Fireworx (Effective calming – in any situation)…Global herbs also do Calmers for dogs.

Other Calmers incude Anxikalm which comes in Anxikalm Powder,  and Anxikalm Fast Calming Gel.

Other Brands are Blue Chip Karma, Naf Magic which comes in  ie: Naf Magic Powder, Naf Magic Liquid and Naf Magic syringes.

The ever popular Equine America also do a supplement in powder and liquid in the form of So Kalm Solution and Super So Kalm Powder.

Supreme Products also do their version which is the popular DeFuse.

Good as Gold Paste from TRM comes in syringes and contains Magnesium + L.Tryptophan + B Vitamins all to work to the benefit of a nervous, hot or highly strung horse.

As you can see the list is endless, but each horse is different and it may take trial and error of a few different Brands and Varieties to see which has the best effect on your horse for the situation.