Did you know that The Ranch Store are one of the areas biggest stockists of animal feed.  Yes thats right, we have a huge Store filled with all kinds of feed for all kinds of animals large and small.

Horse feed is so varied that The Ranch Store make sure they always have the widest choice in stock so that we can supply the demands of our customers.  If you require just a maintenance feed, we have lots of brands to suit your horse or pony.  We also stock all kinds of competition, maintenance, high fibre, complete feeds and specialist feed.  If we do not have your chosen feed in stock we can usually ascertain this for you within a day or two as we deal with the majority of suppliers in the UK.

If it is dog food you require, we have a great range, from everyday normal, working dog, sensitive, weight control and specialist dried feeds, available in various sized bags to cover small or large dogs.  Many brands do a wide range of feed to suit dog condition or problems.  Call and see our knowledgeable staff if you are not sure which feed you need.

In our store, the stock is practically endless, we have farm animal feeds including goat and feed for cows, calves, sheep and pig, a good range of poultry corns, mashes and grit, Cat food, dog food, horse feed, donkey feed, wild bird seed, small animal feeds such as rabbits and guinea pigs, cockateil and parakeet feeds, parrot seed, the list is endless.  We also sell specialist feeds such as alpaca, pigmy goat mix and many more, sometimes we may have to order these in, but please feel free to telephone us beforehand so that if we need to order we can do this for you.

After the range of feed, we also have large quantities of shavings in stock, comfibed, aquamax and similar other bedding.  We stock small bags of hay and straw for your rabbits and guinea pigs either natural or dust extracted hay.  Again call in and see us for all your feed and bedding ranges for animals, small or large.

Dont forget we are not just an equestrian store and clothing outlet we are the all essentail animal needs store, with knowledgeable staff who will be only too pleased to help you with anything in store you need.